Solid Tissue Dissociation. Automated.

The bench-top Singulator System and its single-use cartridges enable reproducible, rapid and hands-off tissue dissociations into single-cell or nuclei suspensions. Its ability to perform cold dissociation minimizes the expression of stress-related genes in cells and helps preserve RNA quality in nuclei. Researchers can now easily obtain suspensions of nuclei or high-viability cells for a wide range of single-cell analyses.

Watch this video to learn more about the Singulator 100 System.

Say Goodbye To Manual Tissue Dissociation.

From tissue to single cells or nuclei in minutes with walk-away operation.

Minimal Variability. Multiple Applications.

Ideal for genomics, cell biology and other ‘omics applications, including scRNA-Seq, snRNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq, CITE-Seq, FACS, and immuno-oncology. S2 Genomics provides a selection of pre-set protocols and pre-formulated reagents for cell isolations for an expanding set of mouse, rat, and human tissues, including tumors. See the wide range of tissues and organisms demonstrated on the Singulator 100 System here.

Fast. High Yield. High Viability.

Process fresh, frozen and OCT tissues.

Nuclei In 7-12 Minutes

Reproducibly generate high-quality suspensions of nuclei from a wide range of tissues.

Merged DAPI-stained and bright-field images of small intestine, brain and heart tissue nuclei; DAPI stained liver nuclei. Courtesy of Dr. Minoda, Laboratory for Cellular Epigenomics, RIKEN Yokohama, Japan.

High Yields From Small Samples


Consistent High Yields of Nuclei


See It In Action

Watch this video to learn how to prepare single-nuclei suspension from mouse kidney tissue on the Singulator 100 System.

Single Cells in 20-60 Minutes

Reproducibly generate suspensions of single cells in high yield with high-viability from a wide range of tissues.

Bright-field images of mouse kidney and spleen tissue cells.

High Cell Yields

High Cell Viabilities 

Tissues from different species demonstrated on the Singulator 100

Intuitive Software. Customizable Protocols.

Choose from a selection of pre-set protocols and pre-formulated reagents. Create your own protocols with customizable parameters, including mincing, enzyme incubation time, temperature, mixing and mechanical disruption profile. Optionally, use your own reagents.

Performance At A Glance

The Singulator 100TM System comes with a unique Single-Shot MechanismTM for convenient cell-isolation reagent loading and a Reagent Chiller that stores reagents for up to 100 nuclei runs. 

High Yields & Viability

Typical Yield:
• 10,000 to >500,000 cells/mg*
• 70 – 95% viability
• 20,000 to >600,000 nuclei/mg*
*tissue dependent

Reproducible Results

• Consistent results, from
researcher to researcher
and lab to lab
• Improve success rates for
precious samples
• Minimize transcriptome
• Optionally, use your reagents for your specific tissues

Fast Processing

• Nuclei in 7-12 minutes
• Single cells in 20-60 minutes

Simple Setup.
Walk-away Operation

Load tissue and press RUN
in < 1 minute
• Intuitive touch-screen interface
• Minimal operator training

Interest in seeing the Singulator 100 in action?