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We understand the blood, sweat and tears of your research. Focus on your research and put other burdens on us.

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We help you to use your research funding wisely. No markup and no hidden cost from us.

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You control the delivery speed. Priority shipment speeds up your research.

top notch service

No more meaningless waiting. We are responsive to your every request.

Save money

Every bit of the research funding counts. We stick with our “no markup” strategy which enables our customers to purchase at the same USD list price as if you were in the United States. 

Flexible delivery

Logistics cost depends on budget and urgency, while urgency depends on experiment progress. You will have the options to choose the matching delivery speed at transparent cost.

Top notch service

Our customer focus approach aims to ease your research work by putting the unnecessary operational burden on us.  Experience our incomparable top-notch service quality now.

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Back To School Offer – PeproTech Super Sale

WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL! To celebrate your new academic year, we are pleased to offer a series of unbelievable promotions to our researchers! With the support from PeproTech, we are now offering PeproTech products at the LOWEST PRICE EVER! Even greater discount for...

KN2.0 CRISPR Kit Introductory Promotion

CRISPR makes knockout cells possible. However the screening process can be tedious and challenging without selection markers. The new CRISPR knockout kits, KN2.0, keep high knockout efficiency and employ GFP-puro selection. An 30% introductory discount is offered....

CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Knockout Kits

CRISPR/Cas9 is a simple and efficient genome editing tool. Although gene knockout cell lines can be generated by gRNAs without donor vector, the screening process can be very tedious. OriGene offers genome-wide CRISPR gene knockout / knockin kits containing 2 gRNA...

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