Founded in 1993, Boster Bio is an antibody manufacturing company specialising in high-sensitivity, high-specificity ELISA kits and WB/IHC compatible antibodies. Its headquarter located in Pleasanton, CA.


30 YEARS HISTORY   |   50,000+ PUBLICATIONS   |   4.8/5.0 RATING ON BIOCOMPARE.COM   |   20,000+ ANTIBODIES   |   2,000+ ELISA KITS


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Primary antibodies

Boster offers high-affinity primary antibodies both monoclonal and polyclonal. Boster’s primary antibodies are well cited over the past 25+ years and have continued to be trusted by the research community. You can find here antibodies thoroughly validated on Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry, and ELISA. Boster’s antibodies have been cited over 25,000 times.

Secondary antibodies

Boster offers conjugated secondary antibodies for IHC, ICC/IF, and Western Blotting. These antibodies have been referenced in over 8,000 scientific publications. Best reviews and quality guaranteed.

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies

Bosterbio provides custom antibody production and development services for rabbit and mouse monoclonal antibodies as well as rabbit polyclonal antibodies. For more details about how our service can help your research, visit our custom rabbit monoclonal antibody production service page to see service information, deliverables, and expected costs. If you have any questions about your custom rabbit monoclonal antibody project, please feel free to contact us to discuss and request a quote.

Boster Bio quick ELISA kits

Your upgrade from traditional ELISA. Save up to 2 hours of your valuable time without compromising on the results.

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