Abmole BioScience is a rapidly growing, professional inhibitors supplier. Abmole provides high purity life science reagents such as kinase inhibitors for laboratory research. Abmole has a unique collection of over 5,000 inhibitors on HDAC, PI3K, Apoptosis and more signalling pathways in stock.

Abmole Customers

AbMole BioScience has established long-term and stable relationships with more than 4,000 customers all over the world. Our customers are from biotech companies, research institutions, universities, government and organizations, etc.


Quality Control

AbMole BioScience will supply comprehensive datasheets to you with all the essential information that you need for your research. We pay great attention to the products quality control, such as HNMR, HPLC, COA, MSDS and more to ensure all of our products enable you to achieve your expected results.



AbMole BioScience focuses on providing professional services to our customers from beginning to end. Whether you buy online, by email, by phone or by fax, we want you to have the best experience. With expert scientific support for all of our products, we are dedicated to putting customers’ research needs in the first place.


Abmole Team

AbMole BioScience has a highly experienced, enthusiastic, and motivated team of scientists committed to delivering the highest quality products on time and on budget. Furthermore, we are able to add 50 new products every month and bring our customers the very best products available.


Abmole Goal

Our goal is to provide the most innovative high-performance kinase inhibitors to scientists worldwide and help them make more significant discoveries for human health.