“Guided by nature. Realized through science. Our driving mission and passion is to create and deliver effective science-based solutions for the benefit of human life and health. Let’s make life better together.

Xylyx Bio

The Cell Environment Company

Xylyx Bio offer a suite of endogenous cell-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) substrates which provide 2D and 3D cell culture with the native cellular microenvironment in vitro. Ideal for drug discovery and tissue regeneration research, NativeCoat™ and TissueSpec® ECM substrates contain the suite of natural adhesion and signalling factors present in the native tissue matrix. The products can also be used as matrix bioactives to be incorporated into other substrates, organs-on-a-chip, bioinks, and more to bring greater physiologic relevance to any in vitro model.

The Cell Environment Company

Nature guides innovation at Xylyx Bio. Every product Xylyx made begins with this philosophy. The aim is to generate physiologically relevant environments capable of recapitulating the incredible systems nature itself provides.

With deep scientific expertise in cell biomaterials and tissue regeneration, our team of scientists, clinicians, and engineers is championing the paradigm shift toward more biologically relevant platforms, with the ultimate goal of creating and delivering effective science-based solutions for the benefit of human life and health.

Why Xylyx Bio?

To drive scientific innovation and breakthrough discoveries by harnessing the power of native cell environments

To translate cell-specific extracellular matrix into biomaterial products with real-world impact

To use nature as a guide to challenge status quos and establish bold new scientific paradigms

To build and foster human connections across the globe by converting cutting-edge science into commercial technologies