Synthego is a genome engineering company that enables the acceleration of life science research and development in the pursuit of improved human health.


The company leverages machine learning, automation, and gene editing to build platforms for science at scale. With its foundations in engineering disciplines, the company’s platform technologies vertically integrate proprietary hardware, software, bioinformatics, chemistries, and molecular biology to advance basic research, target validation, and clinical trials.

With its technologies cited in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and utilized by thousands of commercial and academic researchers and therapeutic drug developers, Synthego is at the forefront of innovation enabling the next generation of medicines by delivering genome editing at an unprecedented scale.


Synthego provides complete support for every step of genome engineering: Design → Edit → Analyze workflow, allowing all scientists to access CRISPR and advance their research. Its products range from various CRISPR kits to a variety of engineered cells, offering total solutions for researchers in their entire workflow.

Design – Synthego assists researchers to design guides in seconds instead of hours, through their CRISPR online design tool –  the ”Gene Knockout Designer‘. Researchers can get recommended guides to knock out any protein-coding gene with minimal off-target effects for ordering.

Edit – Synthego offers a variety of high-quality CRISPR kits, engineered cells and custom services that achieve the best editing in any cell type. From mammalian cell lines, primary cells, IPSCs, and whole animal models, Synthego scientists and researchers worldwide have used our synthetic guides to complete successful editing experiments. Guides can be chemically modified to resist degradation and prevent intracellular immune responses for the best CRISPR editing outcome.

Analyze – Through Synthego’s online software the ”Inference of CRISPR Edits (ICE)”, researchers can analyze any CRISPR edit in seconds. Analyze up to 700 samples at a time, and download your results with publication-quality figures.


Synthetic sgRNA

CRISPR experts agree that using synthetic single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) for genome engineering generates more efficient and consistent editing results than any other type of guide RNAs. Synthego sgRNAs are highly pure guides that deliver indel frequencies of up to 99%, making it easy to efficiently conduct knockout or knock-ins in virtually any cell type. Their sgRNAs can be ordered with site-specific chemical modifications that provide greater stability and decreased activation of the cellular innate immune response.

CRISPR Gene Knockout Kit v2

Common CRISPR knockout strategies rely on an individual guide RNA that produces random indels. This strategy is inefficient due to the wide variety and unpredictability of edits that can occur and often does not generate a functional knockout. The Gene Knockout Kit v2 utilizes a proprietary multi-guide strategy that consists of up to three spatially coordinated modified sgRNAs that induce fragment deletion.

Arrayed CRISPR Library Screening

Other screening libraries are often plagued with laborious prep sucking away valuable lab time. Poor editing efficiency causes false negatives and positives while low quality reagents can be cytotoxic to more sensitive cell types. Synthego’s Arrayed CRISPR Screening Libraries are different.

Advanced RNA

You’re doing advanced research so you shouldn’t settle for standard RNA. Synthego’s Advanced RNA can be tailored to your specific research needs, delivering high-quality fully bespoke synthetic RNA molecules.

Synthego can synthesize guide RNAs that are compatible with any CRISPR nuclease, including all engineered versions of SpCas9, Cas12a (Cpf1), SaCas9 and Cas13a. We can also alter the secondary structure of the guide RNAs to your requirements.

Knockout Immortalized Cells

Generating genetically modified CRISPR knockout cells is a complex process that can take several months to complete – with no guarantee of success. Synthego’s automated optimization and transfection process eliminates the labour and time associated with CRISPR experiments.

Knock-in Immortalized Cells

Synthego’s Engineered Knock-in Immortalized Cells are the easiest way to get engineered cells into your lab. Whether you’re generating an SNV for disease modelling or inserting tags for protein studies, “do-it-yourself” CRISPR projects can present unforeseen challenges. 

Knock-In iPS Cells

When your neuroscience, cardiovascular or regenerative medicine research calls for an iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cell) edit, let Synthego handle the editing.

Knockout iPS Cells

Engineered Knockout iPS Cells are the one-stop-solution to access reliable and accurate gene disruption in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for your gene function or gene-disease linkage studies. Synthego’s robust CRISPR editing process delivers consistently high knockout efficiency (>95%) to even near-complete, functional knockout even prior to clonal selection.

*All products listed on this site and sold through LAB-A-PORTER Limited are for research use only (RUO). Not for human use. Not for therapeutic or diagnostic use.


Stem Cell Research

CRISPR Screening of Stem Cells, CRISPR & Stem Cell Disease Modeling and more.

Cancer Research

CRISPR platforms enable cancer researchers to discover, innovate and accelerate the whole workflow, from target identification, target validation, lead identification and optimization, to preclinical development. 

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