Synthego Delivers CRISPR Edits. You Deliver Discoveries.

Guaranteed Protein Knockout for Any Human-Derived Cell Types Using a Novel Multi-guide Strategy. The Best CRISPR Editing Results in Every Cell Type.

Full Stack Genome Engineering

\ ˈfu̇l \ ˈstak \ ˈjē-ˌnōm \ ˌen-jə-ˈnir-iŋ


The entirety of CRISPR. Complete support of every step of the genome engineering Design → Edit → Analyze workflow, allowing all scientists to access CRISPR and advance their research.

Synthego is the first and only provider of Full Stack Genome Engineering solutions.


The Synthego design tool is extremely fast and the user experience is unlike anything I’ve seen before – very sleek and visually appealing. It allows me to rapidly commence my CRISPR experiments by reducing significant time in the design process.

Dane Hazelbaker, Ph.D.


Every successful edit begins with proper planning.

Synthego’s Gene Knockout Designer eliminates time-consuming steps to design guides in seconds instead of hours. Choose from over 120,000 genomes and 9,000 species and get recommended guides to knock out any protein-coding gene with minimal off-target effects. Pick your favorite guides and order instantly.


Elevate and simplify your CRISPR editing.

Synthego offers high quality, synthetic guide RNAs and cell engineering services that achieves the best editing in any cell type. From mammalian cell lines, primary cells, IPSCs, and whole animal models, Synthego scientists and researchers worldwide have used our synthetic guides to complete successful editing experiments. Guides can be chemically modified to resist degradation and prevent intracellular immune responses for the best CRISPR editing outcome.

Synthego’s product allows us to quickly evaluate, in a cost-effective manner, the best guide RNA to stimulate genome editing, including by homologous recombination, in therapeutically relevant human stem cells and primary human T cells.

Matthew Porteus, M.D., Ph.D.



ICE not only produces reliable indel data compared to the alternative algorithms, but it also generates publication-quality indel spectrums and Sanger traces instantly. ICE has the potential to become a standard for CRISPR analysis.

Daniel Dever, Ph.D.


Get NGS-quality editing analysis of your results.

Want to get editing efficiency data for your experiment? Don’t let NGS slow you down. ICE offers free and accurate analysis of Sanger sequences with NGS quality results, in seconds. Analyze up to 700 samples at a time, download your results with publication-quality figures.


Synthego’s CRISPR kits offer economical access to fully synthetic RNA for high fidelity editing and increased precision in genome engineering.

Synthetic sgRNA Kits

 The Best CRISPR Editing Results in Every Cell Type. sgRNA Synthesis at Your Scale. 1.5 to 500+ nmol

Gene Knockout Kit V2 

Guaranteed Protein Knockout for Any Human-Derived Cell Types Using a Novel multi-guide Strategy.

Arrayed CRISPR Screening Libraries 

Smarter Discovery with Arrayed Synthetic sgRNA CRISPR-Cas9 Libraries.

Advanced RNA

Redefining What’s Possible with World-Leading RNA Chemistry and Synthesis Innovations.

Engineered Cells

You now have access to the CRISPR experts: your edit, your cell with guaranteed results. We’ve optimized CRISPR. You focus on the discoveries.

Knockout Cell Pool

Functional CRISPR KO cells with Guarantee Protein Knockout.

CRISRP Knockout Cell Clone

Take Full Advantage of CRISPR with Sequence Verified Knockout Clones.

Advanced Cells

Your Edits. Your Cells.

CRISPR-Edited iPS Cells. Guaranteed.

Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells provide an unprecedented level of accuracy in disease modeling because they are more physiologically relevant than immortalized cells. Furthermore, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing can create isogenic cell lines for a genetic disease model of interest.

CRISPR-engineered iPS cells are enabling a new era in regenerative medicine. Physiologically relevant disease models lead to better discoveries and therapeutics.

We deliver CRISPR edits in iPS cells. You deliver discoveries.

Stem Cell Offerings


Single Nucleotide Variants