KREX Technology

World’s only correctly folded, full-length protein array technology

  • Functionally validated
  • Exceptional specificity
  • Picomolar sensitivity

Autoantibody Biomarker Discovery

  • Identification of autoantibody biomarker signatures

Response Prediction

  • Predict responders, non-responders and those at risk for adverse events

Patient Stratification

  • Intra disease stratification, identification of cohorts and clinical trial patient enrichment

Companion Diagnostic Development

  • Establish biomarker signatures for companion diagnostic development

The Fundamental Principle of KREX

  • The fundamental principle of our technology is that when the protein of interest is correctly folded, it co-translationally drives the correct folding of BCCP. Which then becomes biotinylated and allows the fusion protein to become attached to the surface.
  • On the other hand, when the protein of interest is grossly misfolded, it co-translationally drives misfolding of BCCP so it can no longer become biotinylated, preventing it from attaching to the surface. These proteins simply get washed away.

Proteins Behave As If They Are In Free Solution

  • Proteins are immobilized on a proprietary streptavidin-coated hydrogel.
  • Proteins retain their folded structure and function in the aqueous environment.
  • Proteins are projected from the glass surface and attach at a single point so orientation from chip to chip is consistent.

High-throughput autoantibody profiling against 1600+ proteins

Quantification of autoantibodies to 200+ clinically relevant CT antigens

Simultaneous screening of 100+
wild-type and mutant p53

Multi-antigen, multi-domain
COVID-19 antibody test