Novel Small Molecules Providers

One of the biggest global compounds and peptides supplier with
over 9000 products from over 25 signaling pathways and 420 targets.

Molnova Chemicals is a biotech enterprise, specializing in chemical and biological research products and services to meet the research needs of global customers. Molnova has evolved into one of the biggest global compounds and peptides supplier with over 11000 products from over 20 signaling pathways and 400 targets. We carry a broad product line over different research areas such as cancer, infection, immunology, neurosciences, apoptosis and metabolic disorder, etc.

Molnova offers a wide range of high-quality research chemicals including novel life-science reagents, inhibitors, peptides, activators, APIs, and natural compounds for scientific use. Molnova also provides cutting edge custom services including chemical synthesis, peptide synthesis, drug screening, and contract research services. Innovation plays a key role in our company’s progress. Molnova focuses on the novel target and novel candidate compound for pre-clinical drug research. Besides, brings more than 1000 new products each year helps our customers achieve their project.

Molnova has a talented team of scientists and technical staffs with experience in the biotech and pharma industry. Our customer service staff is always ready to support all your requirements in the most professional manner. Our mission is to provide top-notch life sciences products, innovative solutions to scientists worldwide and hit your research to lead.


  • Inhibitors
  • Peptides
  • Natural Products
  • ACDs