The Gems: The place for Extraordinary Surprises


Through the establishment of joint collaborations with reputable manufacturers of top-quality life-science research products such as PeproTech Inc.BioGems has positioned itself to become a highly competitive source for a wide-range of recombinant protein and flow-cytometry reagents. Currently, BioGems catalog contains more than 600 recombinant proteins and over 500 flow cytometry reagents. To keep up with the rapidly advancing research fronts, BioGems continuously adds new products to its catalog. All of the products are subjected to a thorough and rigorous quality and performance testing to ensure that each and every product meets the highest established standards. Providing the customers with the highest-quality products at affordable prices is our goal. We are confident that the unique business arrangements of BioGems together with our highly skilled and experienced personnel will enable us to achieve this goal.

All the Essentials +

BioGems offers conjugated antibodies validated for flow cytometry, including CD and other markers of key cellular processes, antibodies optimized for use in functional and in vivo studies, isotype controls, buffers, dyes and more. Beyond the essentials of flow cytometry research, BioGems has the relevant reagents for Angiogenesis, Cancer, Apoptosis, Stem Cell, Innate Immunity, and Adaptive Immunity research. BioGems line of products is rapidly growing and we work with our customers to guide us in new product development.

The Gems: The place for Extraordinary Surprises

BioGems offers special promotions called Gems, like gemstones they are of rare remarkable value. Our position at the forefront of the research and development of top quality products is what allows us to surprise our customers with specific items that are not sold at comparable quality and price anywhere else. In research, you can’t spend your time rigorously testing to determine whether the product you are sourcing works. We save you this concern and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that everything has been tested and that you are being presented with the greatest value possible.

The Collaborative Relationship with PeproTech

BioGems is proud to announce our collaboration with PeproTech to provide industry-leading Cytokine products. Unmatched by any other company in the field, PeproTech offers the most extensive and highest quality collection of recombinant proteins. Through this unique partnership, we can offer you the convenience of a single complete source for high-quality Flow Cytometry, Cytokine, and Antibody products.

Add PeproTech products to your order to ship to you for no additional cost. All the products under PeproTech’s brand are manufactured in their state-of-the-art dedicated facilities in the US. The collaboration with BioGems allows PeproTech’s customers access to additional premium flow cytometry and related products with the added value of excellent customer service and combined shipping.  

Guaranteed Quality and Performance

BioGems is fully dedicated to guaranteeing customer’s satisfaction. Our US manufactured products are subjected to a thorough quality-control evaluation to ensure the highest standards of performance, consistency, and specificity. The fluorochrome-to-antibody proportions are optimized for each clone to achieve the best signal-to-noise ratio in our conjugated antibodies. The SAFIRE functional antibodies are tested for immensely reduced endotoxin levels before release for in vivo and in vitro studies. You do not have to sacrifice quality or consistency for savings, shop at BioGems with confidence.  

The tremendous value of our products is matched by our excellent customer service. Our customers can rely on a highly trained support team to answer technical questions and work with you to make you sure you get the exact right product at a competitive price.