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Originating from the Arctic, our enzymes feature unique characteristics.

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Born from the unique conditions in the Arctic and our labs in Tromsø (Norway), we have been developing and producing cold-adapted enzymes for more than 30 years. Our high-quality enzymes are an integral part of molecular research and diagnostics, either as stand-alone enzymes or as components of kits. In therapeutics such as gene therapy and vaccine production our enzymes aide the optimisation of manufacturing processes. The unique features of our premium enzymes are accompanied by our dedication to a no-compromises approach to collaborate with our clients and partners. 

The next level in enzyme technologies


Whatever your requirements are: we have a wide range of high-quality products for the most varied applications. Most of our unique recombinant enzymes are derived from marine species living in the Arctic Sea. Therefore, they have a number of special features which set them apart from common enzymes. In need of optimal activity at low temperature and high salinity? Check! Facing challenging conditions and matrices? You have come to the right place! Explore our enzymes and kits here:

About our enzymes


The unique features of our premium enzymes make them especially robust and optimally perform under challenging conditions. They are heat-labile, cold active and salt tolerant which simplifies workflows and minimizes the loss of precious samples. Still not enough? Some of our enzymes feature strong strand-displacement activity and high processivity. And all this comes with the highest levels of quality assurance (ISO13485) and supply reliablilty irrespective of the quantities demanded. 

About our kits


Our kits consist of novel enzymes and reagents of the highest quality to support a range of application possibilities.

Key features of our enzymes


All our enzymes are heat-labile. This simplifies the workflow and makes them automation-friendly.

Cold active

The cold activeness of our enzymes eliminates heating and ensures an efficient and gentle treatment.

Salt tolerant

Our enzymes are extremely robust in the presence of challenging conditions and matrices.


Strong strand displacement, high processivity and novel specificity.

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When it comes to premium enzymes, our portfolio with its unique features covers a wide range of applications.

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At ArcticZymes Technologies, we are passionate about enzyme technologies and the success of our customers. From discovery to development to production and delivery: we put our customers’ needs in the core of everything we do. Why? Because what good would innovations be if they do not help our customers to perform at the top of their capabilities? With our focus on collaboration and uncompromising quality, we enable our customers to develop superior products and novel solutions in molecular biology, diagnostics and therapeutics. And we are proud to say that we deliver on this promise constantly – and we mean literally. Because we put as much effort into our reliable production and supply chain as into our R&D. 

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