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Bio X Cell offers 300 high quality monoclonal antibodies supporting a wide range of your research needs.

Synthego Delivers CRISPR Edits. You Deliver Discoveries.

Guaranteed Protein Knockout for Any Human-Derived Cell Types Using a Novel Multi-guide Strategy. The Best CRISPR Editing Results in Every Cell Type.

One Cell. Genotype + Phenotype.

Because the complexity of cancer needs both.

Introducing the first and only single-cell multi-omic platform capable of detecting SNVs, CNVs, and protein changes simultaneously from the same cell. Gain a true multi-omic picture from genotype to phenotype for your critical cancer research.

Tapestri: Clonal Resolution with Single-Cell Precision

When you study or treat cancer, you don’t want to miss a single cell. Any cell that remains after treatment can lead to relapse. Mission Bio’s Tapestri ®Platform is the only technology that provides single-cell targeted DNA sequencing at single-base resolution.

Stem Cell Guide

Hey Researchers! Time to have a revision on Stem Cell studies with our 4-chapter introduction.

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COVID-19 Research Impact Report

COVID-19 Research Impact Report

Moving Research Forward During COVID-19 and BeyondThe COVID-19 pandemic impacted thousands of scientists across the globe, bringing important research projects to a standstill. Synthego is actively collaborating with scientists working on COVID-19 projects during this...

CRISPR Gene Editing in iPS Cells

CRISPR Gene Editing in iPS Cells

Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are one of the most valuable tools in biomedical research. These special cells originate from regular somatic cells, like those comprising skin. By ectopically expressing key transcription factors, the cells are reprogrammed to a...

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