VitroGel® Organoid Recovery Solution

VitroGel® Organoid Recovery Solution from TheWell Bioscience is an non-enzymatic cell harvesting solution used to recover intact organoids/cells from hydrogel or an animal-based ECM within 15 minutes.

The VitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution is room temperature stable and has a neutral pH. The solution can maintain high cell viability during the recovery process. Harvested cells can be subcultured in both 3D and 2D cultures. The VitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution can be used before or after the fixation and stained preparation of hydrogel specimens to ensure high-quality downstream data analysis.

Product Advantages


  • Fast 2-minute dissociation of animal-based ECM for intact organoids/cells
  • High Yield – Complete ECM dissociation for a high recovery rate for organoid expansion
  • Supports cell recovery from 2D ECM coating plate
  • Non-enzymatic stable formulation
  • Easy-to-use with room temperature operation
  • Longer shelf life than competitors. No cold pack shipping.

VitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution compared to other recovery solutions

Use within 15 minutes to recover intact organoids/cells from hydrogel or an animal-based ECM

Recover Organoid / Cell From Xeno-free VitroGel Hydrogels

Recover Organoid / Cell From Animal-based ECM


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All products listed on this site and sold through LAB-A-PORTER Limited are for research use only (RUO). Not for human use. Not for therapeutic or diagnostic use. 

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Our xeno-free hydrogel system (VitroGel®) can closely mimic the natural extracellular matrix and open the door to clinical applications for 3D organoid models. Cells from different sources such as patient-derived cells can be cultured with our system with full lab automation potential for personalized 3D cell models, including highly complicated organoid models and co-culture systems.

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With over 2,000 products, PeproTech has developed and refined innovative protocols to ensure quality, reliability, and consistency.

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Based in Cambridge, UK, Qkine combines proprietary protein production processes with protein engineering techniques to develop unique growth factors. These proteins tackle fundamental biological and scale-up challenges for the fast-growing stem cell, organoid, regenerative medicine and cellular agriculture sectors. Qkine has an active R&D pipeline, with a continually expanding product range. Unique products available from Qkine include tag-free thermostable FGF-2 (FGF2-G3), the first animal-free TGF-β1 for chemically defined stem cell media, and animal-free HGF (NK1). Qkine is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.

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All products listed on this site and sold through LAB-A-PORTER Limited are for research use only (RUO). Not for human use. Not for therapeutic or diagnostic use. 

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