Novel enzymes from the Arctic

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The Arctic has shaped us

From our roots to our unique enzymes – the Arctic is our home.

Best-in-class novel enzymes


Born from the unique conditions in the Arctic and our labs in Tromsø (Norway), we have been developing and producing cold-adapted enzymes for more than 30 years. Our high-quality enzymes are an integral part of molecular research and diagnostics, either as stand-alone enzymes or as components of kits. In therapeutics such as gene therapy and vaccine production our enzymes aide the optimisation of manufacturing processes. The unique features of our premium enzymes are accompanied by our dedication to a no-compromises approach to collaborate with our clients and partners. 

Unrivaled enzyme technologies


The majority of our products originate from organisms living in the cold Arctic ocean off the coast of Northern Norway. The preconditions for survival in these waters are “life systems” supporting life at very low temperatures. Our products take advantage of such evolutionary adaptations with enzymes displaying high specific activity at low temperatures. Commonly – but not always – associated with a higher degree of heat-lability than usual for similar enzymes.

The combination of low temperature activity and the unique heat-inactivation possibility integrates extremely well with current molecular biology protocols and offers substantial quality – and work-process advantages.

It is the underlying novel technologies that make our premium enzymes so special. Find out more about them and how they can help you to unlock new possibilities in your work – be it as a molecular kit manufacturer, diagnostic assay developer or therapeutic company.


The enzyme from Atlantic cod is the only commercially available UNG enzyme that is completely and irreversibly inactivated by moderate heat treatment.


Shrimp alkaline phosphatase, which is still the gold standard, can be fully inactivated by a short heat treatment.

IsoPol™ BST+

This heat-tolerant Bst polymerase (large fragment) has an enhanced strand-displacement activity and is active from 25 to 65°C.

IsoPol™ SD+

Compared to ArcticZymes first IsoPol™ this DNA polymerase has an even stronger strand displacement activity and higher salt tolerance.

IsoPol™ DNA Polymerase

The IsoPol™ DNA polymerase has excellent processability and strong strand displacement activity. It can be heat-inactivated at temperatures above 50°C.


This non-specific endonuclease is particularly useful for protein purification and the removal of DNA and RNA from molecular biology reagents.

M-SAN High Quality

M-SAN offers the optimal solution for removal of nucleic acids at the near-physiological conditions used in many bioprocessing and biomanufacturing workflows.

SAN High Quality

This nonspecific, recombinant endonuclease is the ultimate solution for efficient removal of nucleic acids in manufacturing and bioprocessing workflows. (Includes SAN-HQ ELISA)


HL-ExoI is active at temperatures ≥25°C, and inactivated by 1 min incubation at 80°C, or 15 min at 60°C.


The heat-labile double-stranded endonucleases digest neither ssDNA nor RNA and can be used for the specific removal of dsDNA in the presence of other nucleic acids.

ArcticZymes Proteinase

The unspecific endopeptidase originates from an Arctic marine microbial source. It has broad substrate specificity and is easy to inactivate after use.

T4 DNA Ligase

T4 DNA Ligase catalyses the formation of a phosphodiester bond between 3’-hydroxyl and 5’-phosphate termini in duplex DNA, duplex RNA and DNA/RNA hybrids.

High-quality kits


Our kits comprise the unique combination of novel enzymes with low temperature activity as well as heat lability and highest quality reagents. Thus offering new possibilities in molecular biology applications.

Heat&Run gDNA removal kit

The Heat&Run kit is especially well suited for high throughput experiments. It contains heat-labile HL-dsDNase which efficiently removes gDNA from RNA preps before running RT-qPCR.

PCR Decontamination kit

The PCR decontamination kit removes contaminating DNA in PCR master mixes without reducing the PCR sensitivity. The double-strand specific property of dsDNase allows decontamination in the presence of primers and probe.

Are you interested in our unique enzyme technologies or kits?

Effective 1 June 2021 LAB-A-PORTER Limited has been appointed as the official distributor of ArcticZymes Technologies. LAB-A-PORTER Limited will distribute and provide technical support for all ArcticZymes Technologies products and services to existing and new customers.

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