Single-cell Sequencing 101 eBook Free Download

by | Mar 9, 2021 | NGS, Single Cell

Single-cell Sequencing 101

DNA & multi-omics for precision medicine

Cancer is a complex disease that continuously evolves in response to environmental pressures. The dynamism and heterogeneity of tumors have significant clinical implications.

In this eBook, Mission Bio reviews how single-cell DNA sequencing and multi-omics are used to dissect clonal architecture, providing valuable insights for clinical strategies, therapeutic resistance, disease modeling, and the development of cell and gene therapies.

Specifically, the eBook covers:

  • The clonal evolution of cancer
  • Linking genotype & phenotype with multi-omics
  • Translational applications for the clinic
  • Single-cell analysis of genome engineering

Single-cell Sequencing 101 eBook Download

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