PeproTech Complimentary Vialing Service

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Immunology, Organoids, Promotion, Stem Cell


10 x 100UG | 4 x 250UG | 2 x 500UG

Hello PeproTech Fans! We are now offering free vialing service for all bulk size (500ug and 1mg) recombinant proteins. Select the package that fits the best to your experiment. Limited time offer. Grab the chance to stock up your inventory now!


Recombinant Proteins

Catalog Number

Human/Murine/Rat Activin A 120-14
Human BAFF 310-13
Human/Murine/Rat BDNF 450-02
Human BMP-4 120-05
Human BMP-7 120-03
Murine sCD40 Ligand 315-15
Human DKK-1 120-30
Animal-Free Human EGF AF-100-15
Human FGF-4 100-31
Human FGF-9 100-23
Human GDNF 450-10
Murine IL-4 214-14
Human Noggin 120-10C
Human R-Spondin-1 120-38
Human Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) 100-45
Murine Wnt-3a 315-20


Small Molecules Catalog Number
SB 202190 – p38 MAP kinase inhibitor  1523072
CHIR 99021 – GSK3 inhibitor 2520691
 PD 0325901 – MEK inhibitor 3911091
 Y-27632 dihydrochloride – ROCK inhibitor 1293823


Terms and conditions

  1. Each order must be placed by 31 October 2020.
  2. Every purchase of PeproTech Recombinant Proteins at 500ug or 1mg will avail the purchaser to a complimentary vialing service.
  3. This promotion is not valid in conjunction with other discounts or any form of rewards.
  4. Promotion starts on 15 September 2020 and ends on 31 October 2020, 2359 hours.
  5. LAB-A-PORTER Limited shall not be responsible for any expenses, inconvenience or costs incurred due to the delay, postponement or cancellation of any event.
  6. This promotion is valid only for LAB-A-PORTER customers residing in Hong Kong.
  7. LAB-A-PORTER Limited reserves the right to amend or cancel the promotion at any time.
  8. In case of any dispute, LAB-A-PORTER Limited reserves the right of final decision.
  9. Promotion code: LAP2008
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