One Cell. SNVs and CNVs.

Because the change in our blueprint is where cancer begins.

The only single-cell targeted DNA solution that provides both copy number variants (CNVs) and single nucleotide variants (SNVs) from the same cell. Characterize genomic heterogeneity using a single platform, with comprehensive single-cell DNA analysis to co-detect both SNVs and CNVs. 

Why do SNV and CNV analysis?

Cost-efficient sequencing targeting gene-level to chromosome-level CNVs along with SNVs

Quality for your research with best-in-class single-cell DNA accessibility using Tapestri two-step workflow

Flexibility to start Tapestri workflow from cells or nuclei

The Tapestri Workflow

Get SNVs and CNVs from the Tapestri Platform.

Introducing Copy Number Analysis with the Mission Bio TapestriⓇ Platform. The only comprehensive single-cell DNA solution analysis for both SNVs and CNVs simultaneously from the same cell, using a single platform. Hear how to analyze your existing Tapestri Single-Cell DNA sequencing data. Uncover potential CNVs and Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) from your single-cell datasets and find out if they co-occur with SNVs or indels.

Kelly Kaihara, PHD,
Market Development, Mission Bio
Robert Durruthy-Durruthy, PHD,
Support Team, Mission Bio

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