Copy Number Analysis on the Tapestri Platform Now Available.

Get SNVs and CNVs from one single-cell platform

The only single-cell targeted DNA solution that provides both copy number variants (CNVs) and single nucleotide variants (SNVs) from the same cell. Characterize genomic heterogeneity using a single platform, with comprehensive single-cell DNA analysis to co-detect both SNVs and CNVs.

  • Call genotypes and copy number variants on up to 10,000 cells

  • Resolve gene-level to chromosome-level events including amplifications, deletions, and loss of heterozygosity (LOH)

  • Complete simple 1.5 day workflow from cells or nuclei to libraries

  • Compatible with Tapestri Catalog and Custom Panels

Copy Number Variants and Single Nucleotide Variants Simultaneously Detected in Single Cells


Learn how to obtain both CNVs and SNVs from the Tapestri Platform using Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Panels.

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