Happy New Year! Let’s kick off our prosperous 2019 with PeproTech!

Do you know that feeling when you’ve got something good in your hands and you want everybody to know about it?

Well, besides PeproTech cytokines, we have some products that you really need to check out.

Pre-Coating not required!
The only Vitronectin in the industry that could be directly mixed with the cells.

 Promotes cytokine production while inhibiting their intracellular transport and secretion, for the identification of cytokine producing cells by flow cytometry. 

All the additional buffers and solutions that you need to support your flow cytometry usage.

  Insulin-Transferrin-Selenium-Ethanolamine – A more comprehensive serum-free medium additive than the commonly used ITS supplement. Supports also those cell lines that you might not know require ethanolamine for their optimal growth.

Together with 7-AAD can distinguish between viable cells, early apoptotic and dead or late apoptotic cells.

Small molecules are low molecular weight organic compounds that affect key biological pathways to allow for the control of cellular responses.

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