LAB-A-PORTER eases your lab purchase

by | Jul 20, 2018 | LAB-A-PORTER Insiders

Making a purchase is not as easy as you think!

There are a lot of requirements for a researcher to consider before they make a purchase on a laboratory tool:
• If the tool has been previously referenced in a journal paper of researcher’s interest
• If the tool is manufactured by a trustable manufacturer
• The quality of the tool
• The price of the tool
• The delivery timeframe – when can I get this tool?

In LAB-A-PORTER, we work with trustable suppliers to enhance the quality of the tool. We work on the pricing of the tool to make sure that the researcher can get the tool at the same price as they see on the manufacturer’s website. We work in providing flexible shipment options to ensure delivery timeframe is visible to the researcher.

LAB-A-PORTER, a professional partner to assist researchers to get their suitable research tools. Get a quote from our automated quotation engines by clicking the button below.

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