LAB-A-PORTER becomes the exclusive distributor of PeproTech

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Company News, LAB-A-PORTER Insiders, News

LAB-A-PORTER is glad to announce that we become the exclusive distributor of PeproTech and Bio-gems. As the trustable partner of you and our suppliers, we will continue to serve you with our top notched  service quality and, most importantly, without price markup! PeproTech will power up your research with their proprietary recombinant proteins, growth factors, ELISAs and growth media. You should not miss out the new product series from Bio-gems too. Bio-gems provides FACS antibodies and small molecules at an incomparable price.


To learn more about PeproTech, please visit our company page at:


PeproTech Website

Bio-gems Website


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