We understand that every buck of the research funding counts. As your long-term partner, LAB-A-PORTER offers our products at the same price as the USD price listed on supplier website. Right, we do not markup on our products!

Linked exchange rate : HKD 7.80 = USD 1.00

Take PeproTech Animal-Free Recombinant Human EGF as an example. What you see on PeproTech website:

The USD list price is USD80 for 100ug of Human EGF. A simple calculation will tell you that the HKD price from LAB-A-PORTER is HKD624. Likewise, the price for 500ug of Human EGF would be USD195 X 7.8 = HKD1,521

This is really simple, right? So what about the shipping and handling charge?

LAB-A-PORTER offers logistics choices to you. During order check out, you may choose one of the following logistics, depending on your order urgency and budget. Choices are on your hand!

  1. Free bundled shipment. Lead time: 2-3 weeks upon order.
  2. Priority shipment at a cost. Lead time: 1 week.

So this is really that simple. No hidden cost and no more suffer from distributors’ markup price.

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